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Manjo Makeover

The shoreline of Lake Manjo holds incredible memories for generations of campers! It’s the site of swim tests (waaaay back in the day!), nature hikes and precious closing campfires under the stars. In 2018, campers caught hundreds of fish off the dock, paddled out on canoes and kayaks and tested their courage launching off the BLOB. Lake Manjo continues to provide a peaceful setting for campers to explore, stretch their limits, and experience God’s beautiful Creation. However, our current dock must be replaced to continue those memories in 2019! It’s time to invest resources in revitalizing this favorite camp spot! Will you help?

Manjo MakeoverSummer 2019: Horseshoe Composite Dock: A 110’ modular floating dock system from Poly Dock. Products will create a centerpiece for the beach area.

  • Long Lasting! This composite solution will be maintenance free and last for decades!
  • The efficient horseshoe design will allow boats to remain afloat during the summer, leaving the shoreline uncluttered for wading & fishing.
  • Increased Safety! The floating dock will be slip resistant, accessible & will provide lifeguards with a wide angle view of the activity on the lake!

Future Projects! As funds are available, we have several upgrades in mind to make Lake Manjo more beautiful & more accessible for all campers!

  • Regrading the slope of the beach will prevent run-off & allow access for wheelchairs!
  • An upgraded fleet of boats will increase the number of campers paddling out on Lake Manjo each day!
  • A new firepit with level seating will enhance the atmosphere of campfires, while accommodating special needs.


Revitalize Lake Manjo for the next generation of campers by sponsoring your own square foot of dock for $50! Or, sponsor 10 square feet for $500! You can choose any sponsorship level at $50 per square foot. We’re grateful for your donation toward the Manjo Makeover and we will include a plaque on the dock, with the inscription of your choice, in honor of your partnership. Thank you in advance for your investment and your love for the ongoing ministry of Camp Orchard Hill!


Part of the horseshoe has been installed. We still need about $15,000 to complete the project. Thank you for donating to the Manjo Makeover Fund.

Manjo Makeover


Scholarship Fund

A number of our friends have asked how they can directly help a camper, and nothing helps more directly than a camp sponsorship.  You can actually send a child, who without your help could not go, for a week of camp at COH. Every summer we have at least 400 campers who want to come to Camp Orchard Hill but can’t.  The problem is, they don’t have the money.  If someone doesn’t help them financially, these children aren’t going to camp.

The good news is that Camp Orchard Hill has a scholarship program for underprivileged children.  Over the years, many kids have come to COH on scholarships.  They have a great week and they hear clearly about God’s love for them.

A gift of $400 sponsors one child for a week at COH.  Providing an entire sponsorship (or more) would be wonderful, but we gladly welcome whatever you can give toward this worthy project.

Help a child – change a life!  That’s what your gift to the COH scholarship fund means for needy kids this summer.


General Fund

  • Did you know that camper’s fees typically cover 80 – 90% of our operating costs annually?
  • The COH General Fund is the life-blood of our ministry.  This fund allows us to keep our fees reasonable so that the largest number of campers can afford to attend our programs.  In essence, every camper that attends COH receives a 10-20% discount automatically.  We need to cover this shortfall and we need your help!
  • In addition to offsetting the cost of camp, the COH General Fund is used to help us purchase new equipment and expand programs.  It also helps us repair and maintain the facilities here at Orchard Hill.
  • The donors that pray for our ministry and contribute on a regular basis are a vital part of our ministry.  For the cost of a cup of coffee each day, you can make a significant and eternal difference in the lives of the young people that attend our camp!

Camper Testimonials

I really want to come back this year but we do not have enough money to pay for the full price. I really like the counselors. I’m a lot closer to God. I pray every night and I have 30 minutes devoted to reading my Bible. I hope you really let me come back to camp this year.


I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed staying at Camp Orchard Hill last summer. Words cannot describe how much fun I had and all that I learned. It allowed me to make new friends, become involved in sports and other activities, but also to become closer to God and his teachings. I loved how every morning we went into the prayer hall to listen to spiritual music and learn about Jesus. In all, I had a great time at camp and I hope to attend this year.

Camp was a great experience for these reasons. The week that I spent last summer was unforgettable. I became closer to Christ and I learned so much from his teachings. The speakers that were featured during the week really were an inspiration to me. I also loved the activities that we did. Everything was so fresh and full of energy. And, what a better way to start off a great week of camp then to make new friends. I have met girls at camp that I am still close with today. No one ever feels left out here. Those things are what makes camp the best it can be and the things that I loved.