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Camp Orchard Hill
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Christmas at Camp
Donate to Christmas at Camp

October 19, 2018

Dear Friend of Orchard Hill,

Ten years ago, I did something I’ve never done before.

Responding to an expressed need from a local homeless ministry, my team and I invited homeless men to spend two weeks at Christmas with us at Orchard Hill.  Because these men had almost nothing except the clothes on their back, we bought them:

  • New clothing
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Toiletries

And, we fed and cared for them, gave them a huge banquet in their honor, got them out of the cold, and for those who needed it, helped them obtain identification.

That was ten years ago.  Every year since, the same effort and love has taken place.

Many of these men are in danger of losing all hope.  Our goal is to show them that they are valued, that they matter and that they are loved.  To illustrate, one man wrote:

“I never knew a place like Camp Orchard Hill existed or the lovely people here.  I thank you very much for all you’ve given to me and the fellow brothers.  I’m not sure what I’ll do when I leave tomorrow but I know I’m leaving with HOPE.  When I got here I was detoxing from heroine.  I’m clean today and pray that God keeps me strong.  You guys had a tremendous impact on my life.  There is no way to thank you.  Just know I’m not leaving the same.”

As a friend of Orchard Hill, you have a right to expect us to be good citizens of the community where we work, along with expecting us to obey our Lord’s command to help those in need.

Every year for the last ten years, “Christmas at Camp” has taken place.  Without fail.  Now, I need your help.

This year “Christmas at Camp” will cost almost $20,000 . . . I wonder if you could help us with this cost?  Each individual who comes to camp for the 16 days costs us $560.  To help with half of the cost is $280.  Gifts of $140 or $70 would also be of great help.

I know this type of request is out of the ordinary for Orchard Hill.  Quite frankly, the program is important enough that we will not discontinue it.  Though we closely watch our budget in order to be good stewards of the money you entrust to us, these individuals have nothing and we need to help them.

If you can send us a gift along with your prayers, great!  And, if you can’t, we would love for you to pray for these homeless individuals and our efforts to share the love of Christ with them.

Thank you for everything you do on behalf of Orchard Hill.


Jim Payne
Executive Director

P.S.  Some individuals may not be able to give at the financial levels I mentioned.  Each sleeping bag costs $49 and gifts like this – or any amount you choose to send – would be really helpful.  Thank you again.

Scholarship Fund

  • Did you know that camper’s fees typically cover 80 – 90% of our operating costs annually?
  • The COH General Fund is the life-blood of our ministry.  This fund allows us to keep our fees reasonable so that the largest number of campers can afford to attend our programs.  In essence, every camper that attends COH receives a 10-20% discount automatically.  We need to cover this shortfall and we need your help!
  • In addition to offsetting the cost of camp, the COH General Fund is used to help us purchase new equipment and expand programs.  It also helps us repair and maintain the facilities here at Orchard Hill.
  • The donors that pray for our ministry and contribute on a regular basis are a vital part of our ministry.  For the cost of a cup of coffee each day, you can make a significant and eternal difference in the lives of the young people that attend our camp!

A number of our friends have asked how they can directly help a camper, and nothing helps more directly than a camp sponsorship.  You can actually send a child, who without your help could not go, for a week of camp at COH. Every summer we have at least 400 campers who want to come to Camp Orchard Hill but can’t.  The problem is, they don’t have the money.  If someone doesn’t help them financially, these children aren’t going to camp.

The good news is that Camp Orchard Hill has a scholarship program for underprivileged children.  Over the years, many kids have come to COH on scholarships.  They have a great week and they hear clearly about God’s love for them.

A gift of $400 sponsors one child for a week at COH.  Providing an entire sponsorship (or more) would be wonderful, but we gladly welcome whatever you can give toward this worthy project.

Help a child – change a life!  That’s what your gift to the COH scholarship fund means for needy kids this summer.


Camper Testimonials

I really want to come back this year but we do not have enough money to pay for the full price. I really like the counselors. I’m a lot closer to God. I pray every night and I have 30 minutes devoted to reading my Bible. I hope you really let me come back to camp this year.


I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed staying at Camp Orchard Hill last summer. Words cannot describe how much fun I had and all that I learned. It allowed me to make new friends, become involved in sports and other activities, but also to become closer to God and his teachings. I loved how every morning we went into the prayer hall to listen to spiritual music and learn about Jesus. In all, I had a great time at camp and I hope to attend this year.

Camp was a great experience for these reasons. The week that I spent last summer was unforgettable. I became closer to Christ and I learned so much from his teachings. The speakers that were featured during the week really were an inspiration to me. I also loved the activities that we did. Everything was so fresh and full of energy. And, what a better way to start off a great week of camp then to make new friends. I have met girls at camp that I am still close with today. No one ever feels left out here. Those things are what makes camp the best it can be and the things that I loved.