Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions after reading through our FAQs please email us at [email protected] or call 570-333-4098.

At COH, mealtime is FUN time and we take our food very seriously.  Under the direction of Lisa Stull and a staff of paid and volunteer help, the kitchen at Camp Orchard Hill is putting out food that campers, groups and leaders are talking about – and not because it’s bad – because it’s food that doesn’t taste like “camp food”.  Lisa has over 15 years of food service experience and is Serv-Safe certified.  She has attended several food allergy seminars and COH is ready to meet the needs of campers with special dietary issues.
We take great pride in consistently providing wholesome, nutritious food that tastes great.  All COH meals are prepared on-site and are served buffet style.  We are constantly trying new items and sticking with the tried and true favorites (PRETZEL SANDWICHES).  Our menu changes daily and is designed to meet the specific age group of the campers.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily and a non-meat option is available at each meal.  We offer several different kinds of cereal and milks in the morning along with a hot breakfast.  Our juice offers 100% fruit juice each morning and than switches over to a juice concentrate for lunch and dinner.  Peanut butter and jelly are a staple at every COH meal, but we take peanut allergies especially serious and will remove peanut butter if necessary and we use no peanut based cooking products.
Ample portions, wholesome, great tasting meals and lots of fun are what sets the Camp Orchard Hill dining experience apart from other camps.  One last thing, Lisa isn’t just our Food Services Director, she’s also a mother of four, so every meal prepared is Mom approved.

Camp Orchard Hill offers a tiered pricing structure that rewards you for registering and paying early.  In order to take advantage of these discounts, the camp fee must be paid in full by the dates listed.

Bullying is aggressive behavior by a child or a group of children who take advantage of the power they have to hurt or intimidate others.  Bullying can take many forms:

  • Verbal abuse including taunting, gossiping, mocking, name calling
  • Physical abuse including hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking
  • Organized social rejection including exclusion from activities or groups
  • Public humiliation
  • Threatening racist, religious or sexist remarks
  • Frightening acts

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually safe.  Programs are designed to promote the idea of team and the inclusion of all.  Therefore, if a camper bullies another camper they will be given a warning and an explanation of the offending behavior and the harmful effects that result.  If this behavior continues, the camper will be sent home.

Campers are not permitted to bring their cell phone to camp.  However, parents are encouraged to send letters or use ecamp one-way emails and camper reply services.  A flyer is available about this.

A $100 deposit is required for each resident camp and is non-refundable.  A $50 deposit is required for each day camp and is non-refundable.  All extra fee applications (go-carting, horseback riding trip etc.) are refundable unless camper attends camp and does not choose to participate in the activity.


  • Up to 4 weeks before camp your deposit.
  • Between 2 and 4 weeks before camp 50% of your camp fee.
  • Between 1 and 2 weeks 75% of your camp fee.
  • One week or less before camp  and no shows – 100% of your camp fee.

Medical Refunds require doctor’s note.

You can indicate cabin-mate preferences on your registration form and we’ll make every attempt to honor your request.  All cabin mates must be within one year’s age of each other and requests must be written.

From time to time we encounter campers who experience homesickness.  If it is the first day, the counselors work to keep the child on task and thinking about the very next thing – not the whole week.  If it is the second day or night, the Executive Director or the Program Director will call parents to ask for suggestions or routines that may alleviate homesickness.  We will do our best to implement these suggestions i.e. night light, bedtime story.  If homesickness continues after the second day we will again contact parents.  At that point we will determine if it is in the child’s best interest to remain at camp.  In our experience, campers calling home does not improve the situation but almost always concludes with the camper going home.

  • Resident Camp ratios 1 counselor to every 7 campers for resident camp.
  • Day Camp ratios are :
    • Ages 4 – 5 the ratio is 1 to 6
    • Ages 6 – 9 the ratio is 1 to 8
    • Ages 10 – 13 the ratio is 1 to 10

All resident camp counseling staff members are college age and undergo a rigorous screening process including an application, references, interview, state and national criminal background checks.  Each team member then completes a 10-day training and orientation program that encompasses all aspects of camp life.

COH leads every activity so your child can have fun – safely.  And, even in the unlikely event that he or she was to have an accident, COH is always prepared with a Registered Nurse on duty 24/7, certified lifeguards, senior staff certified in CPR and First Aid,  and the counseling staff  trained in First Aid.

If you child has an accident or illness – Phone contact with parents/guardians is established in an emergency. Each campers health form contains contact information, as well as designates alternate contacts if the parents/guardians cannot be reached.  This process is initiated by the Director and/or the lead health-care provider but can be delegated  to an appropriate staff member.  Since we have no way of determining what each person considers an emergency, the general camp practice is to contact parents when there is concern about a campers health and/or when a situation is not progressing as expected.  Because many people remotely access their voice mail, it is expected that camp personnel leave voice messages that appropriately communicate the need for a given parent to call the camp.

If it is necessary to seek medical attention, every attempt will be made to contact parents prior to treatment and again at the conclusion of treatment to update campers health.

A number of our friends have asked how they can directly help a camper, and nothing helps more directly than a camp sponsorship.  Learn more here.

Need help paying for camp? Apply for a scholarship!

Download and submit a scholarship application.

Tell your friend (must be first-time COH camper) about Summer Camp. If they sign up and write your name on the “Friend Who Referred Me” line on their registration form – you’ll get $25 off your registration fee for Day Camp or $50 off your registration fee for Overnight Camp – up to the full price of your registration! Not valid for siblings.