“If you build it they will come.”  It’s a famous line from the movie Field of Dreams, but in our case it’s factual not fictional.  We had a record 143 ladies attend our Alive Women’s Retreat in October!  We continue to get great feedback on the new lodges and our plans to continue moving forward with adult friendly facilities.  Many of the ladies commented about the opportunity to connect with God and each other and how well they were “pampered” at camp.  Here’s what a few of them shared on their evaluations:

“I met some wonderful ladies and left with new lovely friends. My connection to Christ was almost palpable. It was in every building, every activity, every swing, every leaf of every tree. Most certainly in every other woman attending and in every staff member I encountered.”

“This weekend helped me connect with the ladies in my church and help build a better relationship together.  It helped me understand that I need to let the good shepherd into my life and that it’s ok to be broken he still loves you and here for you.”

“By the end of the weekend I took so much away. I connected with a couple women going through similar things. I feel like I am walking closer with the Lord.”

Just two weeks after our women’s retreat, we held our annual Band of Brothers Men’s Retreat.  We were privileged to host 154 men from 11 different churches. Even with the rain men enjoyed a wide range of activities including our annual wiffleball classic, cornhole, fishing, sports and so much more.  And, the worship sessions were incredible with men connecting with God and each other!  Here’s what a few of the men told us about their experiences:

“Getting away from the distractions of this world and being able to enjoy fellowship with other men is life changing.”

“It’s a place where I’m able to escape from the daily grind and relax, let my guard down and be raw with Christian Brothers that care about me. A place to be refreshed, encouraged, and be lifted up.”

“Band of Brothers is a “MUST HAVE” for all men who want to connect with God and each other. Hands Down … Camp Orchard Hill puts on a spectacular weekend for refreshment, renewal, and revitalization!!! I can’t wait for next year!!!”

We have a busy remainder of the fall with retreat groups, our Respite programs, birthday parties, Parent’s Night Out programs and banquets.  It is a joy and privilege to serve children, youth, families and adults from our local area and beyond!

For all of our upcoming events check out our Facebook page and website.  We look forward to serving you at Camp Orchard Hill!